Are You Stumped?

Tree Stump Grinding Services Since 2006

Are You Stumped?

Tree Stump Grinding Services Since 2006

Your Trusted Stump Removal Experts in New Jersey

When professional tree service companies need a stump ground, they call D. Burns & Sons Stump Grinding, LLC. Like a doctor, I am a true specialist in my field. My experience and knowledge comes from handling various stump removal projects.

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  • Morris


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  • Essex
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  • Passaic

Why Should You Do It?

The decision to remove a tree stump should be an easy one. Stumps are more than just eyesores since they can pose various risks and problems.

  • Tree stumps can pose a safety hazard. They can trip people, especially young children or the elderly. Large roots can also damage your lawn mower or other garden equipment.
  • Stumps rot over time and are colonized by fungi that can spread to nearby trees and plants. It can also be a breeding ground for mold and mildew.
  • Dead stumps attract insects, including destructive carpenter ants and termites.
  • Freshly cut stumps aren’t dead. They can keep sprouting new growth and roots can continue growing, potentially damaging nearby structures.
  • Tree stumps can be a good place for invasive plant species to grow.
  • The stump can prevent you from using that area for other things, such as putting in a play area, building a deck or patio, or planting a new tree.

Leading Provider of Stump Removal Services

Many tree companies are also capable of grinding stumps. However, there is no substitute for my more than 30 years of experience in the industry. When you have ground hundreds or thousands of stumps, there is nothing you have not seen.



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Hiring a professional ensures that tree stump removal doesn’t leave any damage on your property. That’s why I offer my exceptional services to address your needs. Find out more about what I offer.