Offering a Professional Stump Grinding Process

D. Burns & Sons Stump Grinding, LLC is here to help you with your stump removal needs. My expertise and quality equipment help me achieve your desired results without worrying about damage to your property.

Specialized Equipment Used

I only use top-of-the-line equipment, such as a 2022 Rayco RG80 and a 2019 RG45XR. They are both remote-controlled and self-propelled. These machines can get into tight spaces while being powerful enough to tackle the largest stumps.

It produces minimal ground pressure, so they don't leave any ruts or tracks in your manicured lawns. 

A stump grinding equipment

My Process

  • During the initial estimate, I will always ask the customer their plan or vision for their property. Some of these questions might include: “Are you replanting or planting grass? Are you putting in a driveway or a patio? Do you have an underground irrigation system or a dog fence?" The answers to these questions are essential so we can determine the proper grinding depth and SAFELY plan the project. 
  • As the wheel spins, it moves in a sweeping motion removing an inch to three inches of the stump at a time, turning the stump into mulch.
  • Typically, stumps are ground 8”-12” below grade.
  • When needed, stumps can be ground up to 2 ft below grade.
  • All surface roots are ground below grade.
  • After the stump grinding process is complete, all mulch will be raked back into a neat pile in the area where the stump was and the surrounding areas will be cleaned.
  • For an additional charge, I can remove all stump-grinding mulch and lay new topsoil and seed.

Stump Causing a Tripping Hazard?

Uprooted stump that pulled up the sidewalk? No problem!

  1. I moved the cement slabs out of the way,
  2. ground the stump and all of the roots,
  3. leveled the ground underneath the side walk with gravel, and
  4. moved the sidewalk back into place. Leaving the area looking like new.

Tripping hazard no more!

New Jersey Board of Tree Experts

It is now mandatory in New Jersey that the tree care or stump grinding company you hire is registered with the board.

Homeowners looking to hire a stump grinder must be sure the company is licensed and insured. If the company is compliant, it will be listed in the Directory of Licensees.


What Is Stump Grinding?

It is a process with many variables to consider. If the area is not assessed properly, you can risk hitting an electrical system that could lead to tragic results for you and your property.

Reach Out to a Stump Grinding Professional

Stumps can pose serious risks, such as safety issues, molds, termite infestations, and more. That’s why D. Burns & Sons Stump Grinding, LLC is here to help. Get in touch with me for a free estimate.